2014 Primary Run-Off Election Polling Places

2014 Primary Election

For election day, you must go to the designated polling place for your precinct. Use the following steps to find your polling place:

  1. Determine your polling precinct number.
  2. Locate your polling place.

More Information

What is a Precinct?

Brazos County is divided into election precincts. These are boundaries that allow for localization of issues to be decided by election. Each county election precinct is identified by a number, and a voter is assigned his or her precinct number according to where he or she lives. The precinct number is used to determine at which polling place voters will vote.

What is a Polling Place?

A polling place is an assigned location staffed with election officials and voting equipment where the voter goes to cast his or her ballot. A polling place may be combined with several election precincts if approved by the Commissioner's Court.